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the music and the action


the Music I made for film and TV

antena 2

the work for radio

My Jazz Songbook

A new project for 2022

I started writing some Jazz songs in 2006 but I left them in the drawer, abandoned. However, this academic year I enrolled in the Jazz workshops at the Hot Clube. It seemed like a good time to start over with the songs, what do you think?

Musical Arrangements

Some works that gave me pleasure to do

Although I stopped writing arrangements to dedicate myself exclusively to composition, some turned out to be interesting. Maybe if the right opportunity comes up I'll do some more of these, who knows?

Links you should check ;)

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AVA Musical Editions

Some of my scores are published by AVA Musical Editions and are available in their online store. Visit AVA Musical Editions and learn more.

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João Camacho: canções (vol.1)

"João Camacho: Songs (vol.1)" will be the name of my monographic CD that will be released in October 2024, consisting of 23 songs for Piano and Voice. Learn more

Learn more about the process


Every song I write has a story behind it. Visit my place on Blogspot and find out a little more about what led me to write a particular piece.


Sheet Music

Latest edited scores

The following list comprises some of my latest compositions.

  • Summer Song (2023)
  • Mar Português (2023)
  • Canção do Amor-Perfeito (2022)
  • De Longe Te Hei-de Amar (2022)
  • Horas Rubras (2021)
  • O Falcão d'El Rei (2021)